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Joan Wilson-Jones

I believe effective leadership isn’t about asserting authority. It’s about empathy, consistent development, and efficient communication and the ability to never consider a challenge too great or too complicated.

The programs I offer aren’t just pre-made modules; they’re designed strategies carefully crafted to cater to your specific needs.

Whether you’re working through performance reviews or transitioning into your next leadership position, I’m here, equipped with skills and expertise, ready to guide you at every turn. My mission? To empower you, the leader, to inspire greatness within your team and propel your business forwards.

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Some of my Programs

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management are the only two professionals that DON’T require mandatory qualifications. Plus, people are usually promoted to leadership and management positions because they excel at something else. Some of the skills from previous roles are transferable, but not all. This leaves huge gaps in people’s capacity, capability, proficiency, and success.

This has the potential for catastrophic results (for teams, businesses, and the managers themselves).

Luckily I have a range of proven solutions!

New Leadership Programs – designed to on-board your high performing staff into leadership positions. Leadership demands a changed mindset (as leaders we are no longer responsible for the job, they are responsible for supporting and advocating for the people doing the job) A common situation for new managers is that they generate back to the role they have left (because it’s familiar and they feel confident to do it). This means that their leadership role is not getting the attention needed for success.

I also include things like getting established, setting 360-degree expectations, undertaking learning audits (identifying the new skills that are required), establishing yourself into the team (the transition from team member to team leader is the biggest leap of our career) and self-care and wellbeing (just because stress might increase doesn’t mean our health has to be negatively impacted), plus much much more.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m engaging an accountant, or a solicitor or consulting a doctor, I want to know that the person I’m engaging is qualified and up to date with their knowledge. I think the same applies to the staff we are appointing to lead our teams. Competent leadership creates high performing teams – I can help your new leaders quickly achieve high levels of competence to ensure they, and their teams, are successful.

Leaders On-going Professional Development – I’m a marriage celebrant (see the ‘Celebrate Everything’ page) and to retain my licence I must complete my Compulsory Professional Development EVERY YEAR (no exceptions).

Leadership is one of the most critical roles in any business or organisation. Excellent leadership creates and sustains excellence across the business and is reflected in the ongoing high-level outcomes and achievements and the satisfaction levels and happiness of your people (research shows that poor leadership is a major factor in people leaving jobs). In short, the capacity of your leaders directly correlates to the success of your business – and there are no exceptions. On-going professional development for your leaders is not just important, it’s essential.

I have a range of leadership programs designed to support the on-going professional development of your leaders.

I have worked successfully with leaders, from team leaders to CEOs. I have offered programs to entire senior leadership teams, to cohorts of middle managers and to groups of team leaders. I can design a program specifically for you. (new sentence here please) Which means duration, content and method of delivery are all determined by your needs and imperatives.

Let’s Get Back to Work! Well, wasn’t that pandemic a roller coaster ride! We learnt heaps, didn’t we? I was so busy throughout the pandemic working on-line with managers and staff to support people as they grappled with work from home, lock downs, social isolation, team disconnection and all the other challenges that a global pandemic creates. And we made it! We got through.

So, what now? People have changed. The workplace has changed. The media talks about ‘the great resignation’ and ‘the next normal’ but what does this mean? Now is the time for us to create our workplace for the future. What level of flexibility can we accommodate? How do we rebuild our teams, so they are cohesive and connected? What about all the staff we on-boarded during the pandemic (virtual on-boarding has its challenges, it might be time for some retrospective on-boarding so we can really settle people in well). How do we connect new starters to their teams and their role and ensure they are set up for success (research shows that the better on-boarding the longer the retention)?

As we know, every team and every workplace is different. Let’s normalise ‘strategic flexibility’! Let’s expand our thinking and clarify our requirements so that we can build workplaces that meet the needs and expectations of our business, our people and our clients.. The new world of work is ours for the creating. Let’s create something amazing.

Coaching Services

Working with a coach has many benefits. Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for you to discuss workplace challenges and develop realistic strategies and solutions.

A coach is a professional sounding board and a source of neutral insight. Coaching has the benefits of flexibility (of topic, timeframes, and approach) and individuality (processes are designed just for you).

My coaching clients tell me that working one-on-one with me enables them to develop a confident and compassionate style that builds trust and supports the success of themselves and others in their workplace. Here are some of the recent feedback comments I’ve received as a coach:

“One session with you and I’ve made more progress than I made during months of therapy. Thank you, this just makes so much sense.” (this was after 1 x 1.5-hour coaching session with a client who had a fractured relationship with their manager and who dreaded going to work).

“Well things are much better at work, thank you, and with my stress levels significantly reduced, things are much better at home. I’m realising how much work stress I was bringing home. Now my evenings are relaxed and fun again” (this was said to me on coaching session 2).

“I’m sleeping really well again. It’s amazing! Thank you, and I’m making time for me and I’m waking up excited to go to work again. You’ve changed my whole life for the better.” (this was said to me on coaching session 3).

Coaching can be set up to be a regular event or can be arranged as a one off to assist in specific circumstances. For example preparation for a job interview, managing a workplace change, dealing with a difficult work situation, preparing for feedback sessions, managing performance concerns in your team, setting up a new team, transitioning to management, building positive work relationships and much more.

I conduct coaching sessions both face-to-face and virtually. Sessions can be bought individually or as a package of multiple sessions.

Feel like you would like to know more? Let’s chat.

Supporting Staff Health

One of the most challenging things that managers can face is how to support staff when health issues are suspected or known. Managers tell me often that in the absence of knowing what to do, they often do nothing. Doing nothing is probably the most damaging thing we can do. However, doing something poorly, also isn’t a good idea.

I have been running this program for many years. The program looks at physical, emotional and psychological health concerns and supports managers to have honest, compassionate conversations that follow all required processes and protocols.

This program provides frameworks and strategies for having objective, compassionate, honest conversations. Looks at things like developing plans for modified duties (and what we need to support our decisions), looking after other team members, developing return to work strategies (where long term leave has been taken) and self-care (this is an extremely stressful part of management and it’s imperative that the manager is also taking care of their own wellbeing).

This program is the only one of its kind in Australia and has received outstanding feedback throughout all the years that it has been offered.

Communication Programs

Communication is what holds relationships together and supports individual and collective success. The need for compassionate honesty in relationships is paramount to trust and credibility.

My approach offers a blend of contemporary theories and valuable ancient teachings. Participants explore their own strengths and challenges and develop realistic strategies that support open, honest, and productive communication across all spheres of their life.

From personality profiling (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or DISC) to understanding difference and diversity, the communication suite I offer presents a wide range of opportunities. As all workshops and interventions are fully tailored the opportunities to ‘mix and match’ are endless. As a starting point for your thoughts here is some information on previous workshops I have offered.

Career Development

Job Application Skills:

With the right approach, preparation and mindset the sky really is the limit, and this absolutely applies to our career as well as our lives.

I bring many years of experience in selection and promotion processes and am able to provide participants with acknowledged and logical approaches to ensure that their applications and CVs (Resumes) and their interview preparation is first rate and highly competitive.

Before we can create a career, we need to understand what sort of career we want. My approach to career planning is not only unique and successful it is easily transported to life planning as well. After all, careers should support our lives, it’s the life plans that really come first.

Applications and Resumes
For many people completing the written component of the process provides endless challenges. ‘What do I write?’ they cry, ‘What does the panel look for’ they beseech? ‘How can I sound fabulous without sounding vain?’ they enquire. This workshop answers all those questions and more and provides a practical pathway to ensure an ‘awesome application’ and a great resume each time.

Blitzing the Interview

Interview skills are able to be learnt, honed and perfected. From practical preparation to anticipating the questions, to managing those nerves. Irrespective of personality, experience, confidence or self-assurance, you too can blitz the interview. p.s. Many previous participants of this workshop have commented that the skills learnt here held them in just as good stead for ‘blitzing life’ – that has to be a fantastic bonus don’t you think?

Staff Recruitment &Selection

The biggest and most important decision an organisation makes is who to recruit and promote. It is therefore imperative that selection committees know what they are doing. This program looks at the whole range of requirements committee members need to be aware of and comfortable with to ensure they recruit and select the best person for the job. To not do so can be catastrophic!

On-Boarding and Retention

Our on-boarding processes are critical to new staff being up and running quickly and research shows that the better the on-boarding the longer staff stay (offering significant cost saving – as we know, recruitment is expensive).

Life Balance & Health

The resilient survive!  Resilience is not about not being affected by circumstances (that’s ‘denial’), rather it is about being about to bounce back quickly and robustly.  Understanding what lifts us and what deflates us is the first step to creating an approach to life that ensures we maintain our health, happiness and performance. I blend a powerful holistic mix of health and energy perspectives and introduce a range of  helpful assessment and tracking tools to assist participants to better understand their energy builders and energy sappers and, most importantly, to put active steps in place to ‘stay the distance’.

  • Achieving and maintaining life balance
  • Creating happy, healthy workplaces
  • Powerful life practices (the big 3 – diet, exercise, sleep)
  • Maximising individual energy, motivation and enthusiasm

Could you and your team do with a powerful boost of energy and enthusiasm?  If you were a car would you be a reliable high-performance vehicle or a broken-down jalopy?  Our choices and our reactions to our external environment result in us becoming one or the other.  The good news is, it’s never too late for a tune up.

Customised Programs

Let’s work together to design the perfect program for your situation.

My Results are guaranteed!

Let’s hear from a client – I have created numerous programs, over the past 10 years, for this client and continue to work regularly with staff in this organisation.

Joan offered training across all areas of the organisation, involving staff at all levels from entry level to Senior Executive. Joan’s programs were in leadership and management, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing and resilience and job search and selection panel training.

Joan created customised programs in line with the current and emerging needs. The feedback on her programs was always excellent and the stipulated outcomes were always achieved.

Specialist Programs