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At JwJ Consulting all our programs are fully customised and created in line with your requirements – your timeframes, your outcomes and your budget.

As a small business, you will interact directly with Joan Wilson-Jones – the owner and principal consultant.

We keep our knowledge levels high and our overheads low so you can be confident that you will be offered leading edge training at very competitive prices.

Our focus is on sustainable outcomes. Participants who attend our programs return to their workplace and their life ready to enact beneficial change.

All programs can be offered in a face-to-face format or using the virtual platform of your choice.

Joan is recognised as one of the leading facilitators in her field. Her programs are engaging and entertaining, but more importantly, they always achieve results.

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Communication Programs

communications program

Communication is what holds relationships together. The need for compassionate honesty in relationships is paramount to trust and credibility.

The JwJ Consulting approach offers a blend of contemporary theories and valuable ancient teachings. Participants explore their own strengths and challenges and develop realistic strategies that support open, honest and productive communication across all spheres of their life.

From personality profiling (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to understanding difference and diversity, the communication suite offered by JwJ Consulting offers a wide range of opportunities. As all workshops and interventions are fully tailored the opportunities to ‘mix and match’ are endless. As a starting point for your thoughts here is some information on previous workshops offered by Joan.

Communicating for Success

An overview program that examines powerful communication frameworks and provides insights into how they might be incorporated into life.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict arises for all of us at some time. Relationships are both challenging and charming. Conflict in itself doesn’t damage relationships, it is poorly managed conflict that damages relationships. Understanding better ways to detect discord, manage emotions and behaviours and honestly enter into negotiations helps us all to maximise the ‘charm’ by courageously dealing with the challenges.

Understanding and Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

People can’t be difficult but their behaviours can and frequently are. This program shows participants how to better ‘play the ball’ rather than the player. To collaboratively manage behaviours and, in that process, to build trust, credibility and future interactions.

Performance Feedback and Performance Communication

An invaluable workshop that offers a range of skills and proven approaches for delivering both affirming and constructive feedback throughout all aspects of our professional and personal lives. Includes feedback from supervisor to team member as well as feedback upwards from staff to managers and team leaders.

  • Cross Cultural Communication and Interaction
  • Working with and Utilising Diversity (gender, generation, education, profession)

In the context of these workshops ‘culture’ is being used in its broadest possible context. No-one is like us, we are unique and therefore we will never meet anyone else who communicates or understands in the same way we do. This workshop looks at ways to better understand and therefore better utilise diversity across all our interactions.

360 Degree Influence

People so often have fantastic ideas but don’t escalate them because they are unsure of how to ensure they will be heard. This workshop provides frameworks of influence to build confidence to get those ideas heard!

Knowing Me/Knowing You (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to support increased self-awareness and improved interaction).

An innovative and highly successful approach to personality profiling and understanding. This is definitely an ‘out of the box’ program!

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Career Development Programs

career development program

With the right approach, preparation and mindset the sky really is the limit and this absolutely applies to our career as well as our lives.

Joan has years of experience in selection and promotion processes and is able to provide participants with acknowledged and logical approaches to ensure that their applications/CV’s and approach to interview is first rate and highly competitive.

Conscious Careers (Career Planning)

Before we can create a career we need to understand what sort of career we want. Joan’s approach to career planning is not only unique and successful it is easily transported to life planning as well. After all, careers should support our lives, it’s the life plans that really come first.

Awesome Applications and ‘Cracker’ CV’s

For many people completing the written component of the process provides endless challenges. ‘What do I write’ they cry, ‘what does the panel look for’ they beseech, ‘how can I sound fabulous without sounding vain’ they enquire. This workshop answers all those questions and more and provides a practical pathway to ensure an ‘awesome application’ and a ‘cracker CV’ each time.

Blitzing the Interview

Interview skills are absolutely able to be learnt, honed and perfected. From practical preparation to anticipating the questions to managing those nerves. Irrespective of personality, experience, confidence or self assurance, you too can ‘Blitz the Interview’. p.s. Many previous participants of this workshop have commented that the skills learnt here held them in just as good stead for ‘blitzing life’ – that has to be a fantastic bonus don’t you think?

Selecting the Best Person for the Job (insights and assistance for selection committees)

The biggest and most important decision an organisation makes is who to recruit and promote. It is therefore imperative that selection committees know what they are doing. This program looks at the whole range of requirements committee members needs to be aware of and comfortable with to ensure they recruit and select the best person for the job. To not do so can be catastrophic!

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Change Management

change management programs

In a world where nothing is static and change is constant and unrelenting, the capacity to support, lead and guide people through change is paramount to successful business.

The programs offered by JwJ Consulting acknowledge and pain of change and provide rafts of insights and approaches for people to utilise to help support team members embrace and be part of the change. If people aren’t with it they will be against it (consciously or sub-consciously). Understanding the emotion behind obstruction (active or passive), ensures we take people through with us in creative and powerful ways.

  • Taking Control in Times of Change and Uncertainty
  • Leading Teams Through Times of Change

The range of tools and frameworks available are vast and diverse. Contact JwJ Consulting to discuss the change your organisation or team is facing and Joan can tailor a program that best suits your needs.

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Life Balance and Health

work life balance

The resilient survive!  Understanding what lifts us and what deflates us is the first step to creating an approach to life that ensures we maintain our health, happiness and performance.  Joan blends a powerful holistic mix of health and energy perspectives and introduces powerful assessment and tracking tools to assist participants to better understand their energy builders and energy sappers and, most importantly, to put active steps in place to ‘stay the distance’. 

  • Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Creating Happy, Healthy Workplaces
  • Maximising Me

Could you and your team do with a powerful boost of energy and enthusiasm?  If you were a car would you be a reliable high-performance vehicle or a broken-down jalopy?  Our choices and our reactions to our external environment result in us becoming one or the other.  The good news is, it’s never too late for a tune up!

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Team Development

team development program

Team dynamics are fascinating yet complex things.  As humans we are intrinsically complicated and infinitely simple all at the same time.  Individually we have a sense (though not always an insight) into what we want and frequently we assume we understand the needs of others.  The JwJ Consulting approach to team development is to start with individual understanding, progress to collective expectations, refine with clarification of definitions (terms have different meanings to all of us, a well functioning team takes the time to ensure they are on the same page) and conclude with clear agreements and shared vision.  Of course, adding fun and comfort into the mix can only ever help it to progress more successfully.

A range of team processes and programs have been successfully offered by Joan Wilson-Jones, and as each team is different, her philosophy is to ensure each team development program is customised to reflect the unique nature and needs of each team.

Joan can incorporate instruments such as MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) or MTR- i (Management Team Roles Indicator) into these workshops if required.

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Business Planning and Risk Management

risk management

Understanding the fundamentals of a real, realistic and workable plan is essential to successful business.  Incorporating valid risk management strategies helps cement the plan and support its success.

Nothing is without risk, life is ‘risky business’, understanding where the trips and falls can occur helps teams, individuals and management to have plans ready.  When the hiccup happens it’s generally too late, we are too busy mopping up or bailing out to really manage the situation proactively.

Contact Joan for more details on her programs, examples include:

  • Risky Business
  • Strategic Planning Sessions for Teams and Groups (facilitation)

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The Internationally Acclaimed
Journey into Leadership

leadership program

Joan teams up with Sue-Ellen Kusher (Present the Presenter) for this highly acclaimed and well recognised leadership event

Ranging from 4 days to infinity.  Joan and Sue-Ellen have produced and refined a ‘journey’ that is second to none.

Offered across a range of organisations, throughout a variety of geographic locations, Journey Into Leadership (affectionately called JIL), is well known, highly regarded, sought after and, most importantly, successful.

Because it is fully customised, JIL is easily pitched to any level of leadership or management from emerging leaders to CEO’s and directors.

Empirical evidence includes glowing academic reviews and anecdotal evidence spans several years with course participants confirming they have continued, deepened and expanded their new behaviours right up until current day (how many courses do you know of that people still talk about 10 years later, that participants actively recommend to others, that frequently has us meet partners and spouses of previous participants who came because they saw such benefit to those that went before).

We can’t describe JIL because it has a life and personality of its own.  Each episode differs because it takes on the needs and life of the group and time only sees it improve because Joan and Sue-Ellen, themselves committed students, constantly explore, research and engage in new material.

Life Long Leadership Skills

The natural partner and extension to JIL, this program embeds leadership mindset and behaviours into all aspects of our life. 

If life is the Star Ship Enterprise, don’t we all want to be like Capt Kirk?

Life Long Leadership Skills is again, a tailored program, designed from the ground up for your group, it bravely takes you where no-one has gone before (and brings you back improved, invigorated and inspired).

The above programs are offered under the banner of TGH Consortium.  Contact Joan Wilson-Jones for more information.  Joan and Sue-Ellen would love to speak with you.

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Supporting Staff with Mental Health Issues

mental health program

Joan teams up with a practicing psychologist for this inspiring, helpful program designed to support managers in the challenging task of managing performance and underperformance where mental health issues are suspected or known about.

Joan, a former senior manager and Andrew, a successful Brisbane based Psychologist, provide an insightful and practical framework for professionally supporting all staff members.

This workshop has been extremely well received across a range of organisations.