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Making time for a movie

Going to the movies is one of the vital ingredients in my ‘recipe for life’.  A movie provides an opportunity for pure escapism.  I can visit amazing places, meet incredible people, get lost in remarkable adventures and gaze star struck at beautiful faces (I can do all that at a dinner party with friends as well, so dinner and a movie has to be a real bonus).  Here are my thoughts on two movies I have viewed recently.

Avatar – the most remarkable thing about this movie is that it inspired me to do something I have never done before in my life…..return to a movie theatre and see it again!  Of course I have seen some movies more than once but never before have I gone back to the cinema and sat through a movie for the second time.  I had to re-see Avatar on the big screen and in 3D.  Pandora will never be the same on the TV (especially my TV which has been compared unfavourably to a computer screen, I guess it is a bit small) and one visit to this magical place could never be enough for my senses.  Yes the violence is pretty in your face but in the context of the story it is relevant and drives home the message of the futility of greed and power over beauty and nature (and this is from one who avoids any hint of bloodshed in a movie, enough of that in life is my perspective, don’t need it on the big screen as well).  Avatar is visually stimulating, emotionally provoking, spiritually uplifting and morally challenging, it returns us to the true values of love, life and people, showcasing the power of connection over combat.  Box office figures probably suggest that everybody has seen it already but if you haven’t, make an effort.  Oh, by the way, I wasn’t at all inspired by the previews and only went the first time because it fitted the time slot I could make and people had started talking about it.  I went the second time because it is remarkable!

Girl Clock – just opened last Thursday (25th February).  My friend Margie described it as Sex in the City for the over 40’s’.  An Australian movie, it is light, fun, funny and, if you are female and over 40, a bit of a hoot really.  There are elements of depth (around friendship, aging, parenthood, choices, uncertainty) but mostly they are frosted over with light banter, Jamie Dunn dancing naked to Walk like an Egyptian (he carries it off well, a brave move I thought) and some pretty unbelievable concepts, but hey it’s a movie and if you treat it as some light middle aged journey into escapism you just might enjoy it.  Don’t take the fellas, don’t think it will be for them, probably not a good first choice if you are under 40, but if, like me, the 40th birthday candles have long since been extinguished and you can gather some dear, long term friends (I went with Robbyn and Margaret, friends for over 35 years) and find a cinema that brings you a drink (it’s a champagne movie, we went to the Blue Room at Rosalie and added a lovely lunch at Salt after) I say do yourself a favour.  If you miss it, don’t panic, it will transfer well to the telly and would make for a fun night in.


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