In my office today. 

Leadership development is much more than just a short course, it’s a commitment and it was such an honour today to share the celebrations as committed leaders graduated from an 18 month learning experience.

What a honour and a pleasure it has been to work with these amazing emerging leaders. The 18 months hasn’t been easy (leadership isn’t easy) and they have all worked so hard and managed so many challenges and difficulties.

How are these for impressive stats. The graduates have:

  • Completed 256 hours tertiary contact hours
  • Read at least 8180 pages of leadership theory, examples and case studies (as part of the leadership book club incorporated into the program)
  • Attended 22 workshops.

WOW! And that’s on top of holding down busy jobs, having family responsibilities and participating in a life outside work (life harmony is a big part of the program and the group developed skills to look after their own wellbeing through this busy period, after all burnt out leaders aren’t good leaders).

Days like today are definitely BIG job satisfaction days for me.

The presentations were inspiring, informative and presented from the heart. 

I have enjoyed every moment of working with this group and I’m so proud of their achievements. Knowing we have such excellent leaders in the workplace is very reassuring.

It’s important to remember that most people don’t leave their jobs, they leave poor leadership. Training and supporting leaders is critical to successful business. Investment in your leaders is investment in the future.

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