Celebrate Everything

Life & Love

So many events happen in our lives that need that special approach or person to help lift your joy to the next level.

  • Weddings
  • Changes of relationship status
  • Pregnancy announcements
  • Commitment ceremonies
  • Renewal of wedding vows
  • Celebration of life (funerals)

Momentous Occasions

I often wonder why we don’t celebrate more.  Some of these occasions are only achieved through hard work and energy.  Let me help you make these memorable.

  • Bon Voyage ceremonies
  • Graduation
  • Property blessings/namings
  • Business launches
  • Book/CD launches
  • Special Birthday celebrations
  • Rites of passage

Celebrate Anything

I really love celebrating.  Once you meet me you will understand why. So why not celebrate these events in your life too!

  • Pet welcomes and farewells
  • Sports achievements
  • Boat/caravan namings and re-namings
  • Career transition launches
  • Naming ceremonies

Personalising the occasion for you