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A New Baby!

Much pondering has been done on when life starts and I have my own questions about when it ends.  Does life start at birth, conception or even before (is the possibility of life a start?) and does life end when we stop breathing, responding or interacting.  48 hours before my partner died he stopped responding, …

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Suddenly Single

Discovering the Joys of Being Single in Mid Life (and managing the lows and fears – we all have them) Not many of us planned to be single in mid-life and if we didn’t then finding ourselves there can be very difficult, very painful and very frightening. Joan has two highly successful approaches for helping …

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My Birthday Month

Well anybody who knows me well will already have guessed what this month’s discussion is about – Birthdays!!!!  Why, because March is my birthday.  There is a date in March that my mother is adamant was the day I was born (and she should know) and another date that my grandmother predicted would be my …

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What Lies Within?

What lies within?  A fascinating question don’t you think and one which might be interpreted in lots of ways but my interpretation is about the inner us! I have spent my entire life waiting to be creative.  I waited until just last year to start singing, until just a couple of months ago to start …

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