JwJ Consulting

We work with your most valuable, and only appreciating, asset (your people) to build the success and capability of your business.

JwJ Consulting is a specialist Brisbane (Australia) based consultancy. Our focus is on the power and importance of people in successful business. We work holistically with your staff building capability in communication, interaction, life balance and direction, resilience, wellness and motivation.

We support your success through a range of services including:

  • customised workshops and webinars
  • seminar presentations,
  • individual coaching

All our products and services are fully customised and steeped in recognised traditional and contemporary theory.

Our unique coaching and mentoring approach successfully blend the demands of busy organisations with the needs of individuals.

Your people are our only appreciating asset. JwJ Consulting works with this vital backbone ingredient of your organisation, providing practical ideas and solutions for happier, healthier more productive individuals and workplaces.

JwJ Consulting Contact

Business: (07) 3425 2067

Mobile: 0402 473 173