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Let’s work together to create sustainable, dynamic success for your most valuable asset, your people! Together, we will build a workplace that inspires and rewards excellence, that attracts high-level talent and thrives in culture of growth, health and productivity. The New World of Work is ours to create. Let’s create something extraordinary.

Joan Wilson-Jones

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Working holistically with your people to build capability in communication, interaction and resilience.

JwJ Consulting is a specialist Brisbane (Australia) based consultancy. It is a single entity business, owned and operated by me. I have been successfully helping businesses and organisations to succeed for over 20 years. My focus is on the power and importance of people in successful business. I work holistically with your team/s, building capability in leadership, management, communication, interaction, conflict management, life balance and direction, resilience, wellness and motivation and career progression.

I support your success through a range of services including:

Customised Workshops & Webinars

All workshops and webinars are built specifically for you and designed to achieve the outcomes you want to achieve. I don’t do ‘off the shelf’, all my work is customised to meet the identified needs of my client. This means that you can mix and match content, creating a tailored program that incorporates any of the elements from my full suite of topics. Workshops and webinars are fully interactive and inspire participants to go beyond learning. They they return to their roles with ideas and strategies that they are ready to implement. Results are sustained. Only recently a client said to me ‘we’ve had other consultants offer workshops, but yours are the only ones that result in positive changes’.

Seminar & Conference Presentations

Whether keynote or part of the program, my presentations are on point, on topic and on time (speakers who don’t keep to time are a conference organiser’s nightmare – I know because I’ve been a conference organiser). There is no ‘sit and listen’ in my presentations. Audiences are engaged, informed and entertained with solid content presented with passion and energy. When we are engaged, we learn and when we are inspired, we take action for change.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is a powerful, one-on-one opportunity to work on specific challenges and set individual strategies and directions. Coaching is a confidential, safe space to discuss and unpack concerns and to develop real, workable solutions. Coaching is holistic, what we address at work has amazingly helpful spinoffs in our out of work life. Coaching may be to address a current or anticipated situation or may be part of an ongoing professional and personal development strategy. My coaching style is grass roots and highly practical and each session is created to align with the clients learning style and problem-solving approach.

All my products and services are fully customised and steeped in recognised traditional and contemporary theory.

My unique coaching and mentoring approaches successfully blend the demands of busy organisations with the needs of individuals.

Your people are your only appreciating asset. I work with this vital backbone ingredient of your organisation, providing practical ideas and solutions for happier, healthier more productive individuals and workplaces.

Consulting Programs

Leadership & Management

Designed to on-board your high performing staff into leadership positions, quickly and with competence.

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Staff Health

The program looks at physical, emotional and psychological health concerns and supports managers.

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My approach offers a unique blend of contemporary theories and valuable ancient teachings.

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I can show you the right approach, preparation and mindset for your career, and then the sky really is the limit.

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Life Balance
& Health

The resilient survive! But resilience is not just about being about to bounce back quickly and robustly.

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Let’s Talk Money (because it’s important).

A Proven Consultancy, With A Great Track Record.

JwJ Consulting is a one-person business. I deliberately keep it small because I enjoy forming lasting relationships with my clients and being fully engaged in all the projects I accept. There are no corporate layers to navigate when you contact me, no high rents that need to be met and no salaries to cover.

When you contact JwJ Consulting, you’re speaking directly to me. I design your program. I prepare all course materials and I facilitate the event. It’s an end-to-end process that ensures that you get the results you want.

Being a ‘boutique entity’ enables me to maintain highly competitive rates (because I don’t have any overheads). Clients have suggested that I could increase my rates. I don’t want to. I am committed to value for money, and I am committed to guaranteed, lasting results.

My reason for starting JwJ Consulting back in 2000 was to make a positive difference. I know from the results I have witnessed and the feedback I have received that I have been highly successful in achieving this goal.

My promise to you is that I will make a positive, sustainable difference. I’m really comfortable with that promise because I have the evidence to support it.

Joan Willson-Jones



Clients Helped

What My Clients Say

Unsolicited comments from a graduate of one of Joan’s 18 month leadership development programs. These comments were offered in response to a social media post about the graduation of the 2022/2023 cohort of the same program.


Wonderful ability to see the best in people

And for those involved Joan your support, mentorship and professional expertise would have impacted greatly on them personally and professionally. You have a wonderful ability to see the best in people and to guide and nudge them to see this in themselves. You are a wonderfully impactful human being. 

Peter, Regional Director.

Uplifting and intensely educational workshop.

Thank you Joan for an uplifting and intensely educational workshop. The content was immensely useful in consolidating my existing knowledge in neuroscience, metaphysics and more. I most enjoyed your beautiful and compelling anecdotes from your life. Just awesome.

A participant on a recent life planning and wellbeing workshop

My day always goes better when I’ve spoken to you

I love what you are suggesting, it’s spot on and can I say, I really enjoy talking to you. You are always upbeat with lots of ideas and my day always goes better when I’ve spoken to you (I’ve been offering workshops for this client for over 30 years).

L.F. - a client who has been contracting me for over 30 years to run workshops in their centre