Journey into Leadership

The Internationally Acclaimed Journey into Leadership

Joan teams up with Sue-Ellen Kusher (Present the Presenter) for this highly acclaimed and well recognised leadership event

Ranging from 4 days to infinity.  Joan and Sue-Ellen have produced and refined a ‘journey’ that is second to none.

Offered across a range of organisations, throughout a variety of geographic locations, Journey Into Leadership (affectionately called JIL), is well known, highly regarded, sought after and, most importantly, successful.

Because it is fully customised, JIL is easily pitched to any level of leadership or management from emerging leaders to CEO’s and directors.

Empirical evidence includes glowing academic reviews and anecdotal evidence spans several years with course participants confirming they have continued, deepened and expanded their new behaviours right up until current day (how many courses do you know of that people still talk about 10 years later, that participants actively recommend to others, that frequently has us meet partners and spouses of previous participants who came because they saw such benefit to those that went before).

We can’t describe JIL because it has a life and personality of its own.  Each episode differs because it takes on the needs and life of the group and time only sees it improve because Joan and Sue-Ellen, themselves committed students, constantly explore, research and engage in new material.

Life Long Leadership Skills

The natural partner and extension to JIL, this program embeds leadership mindset and behaviours into all aspects of our life. 

If life is the Star Ship Enterprise, don’t we all want to be like Capt Kirk?

Life Long Leadership Skills is again, a tailored program, designed from the ground up for your group, it bravely takes you where no-one has gone before (and brings you back improved, invigorated and inspired).

The above programs are offered under the banner of TGH Consortium.  Contact Joan Wilson-Jones for more information.  Joan and Sue-Ellen would love to speak with you.