Team Development

Team dynamics are fascinating yet complex things.  As humans we are intrinsically complicated and infinitely simple all at the same time.  Individually we have a sense (though not always an insight) into what we want and frequently we assume we understand the needs of others.  The JwJ Consulting approach to team development is to start with individual understanding, progress to collective expectations, refine with clarification of definitions (terms have different meanings to all of us, a well functioning team takes the time to ensure they are on the same page) and conclude with clear agreements and shared vision.  Of course, adding fun and comfort into the mix can only ever help it to progress more successfully.

A range of team processes and programs have been successfully offered by Joan Wilson-Jones, and as each team is different, her philosophy is to ensure each team development program is customised to reflect the unique nature and needs of each team.

Joan can incorporate instruments such as MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) or MTR- i (Management Team Roles Indicator) into these workshops if required.