Communication Programs

Communication is what holds relationships together. The need for compassionate honesty in relationships is paramount to trust and credibility.

The JwJ Consulting approach offers a blend of contemporary theories and valuable ancient teachings. Participants explore their own strengths and challenges and develop realistic strategies that support open, honest and productive communication across all spheres of their life.

From personality profiling (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to understanding difference and diversity, the communication suite offered by JwJ Consulting offers a wide range of opportunities. As all workshops and interventions are fully tailored the opportunities to ‘mix and match’ are endless. As a starting point for your thoughts here is some information on previous workshops offered by Joan.

Communicating for Success

An overview program that examines powerful communication frameworks and provides insights into how they might be incorporated into life.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict arises for all of us at some time. Relationships are both challenging and charming. Conflict in itself doesn’t damage relationships, it is poorly managed conflict that damages relationships. Understanding better ways to detect discord, manage emotions and behaviours and honestly enter into negotiations helps us all to maximise the ‘charm’ by courageously dealing with the challenges.

Understanding and Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

People can’t be difficult but their behaviours can and frequently are. This program shows participants how to better ‘play the ball’ rather than the player. To collaboratively manage behaviours and, in that process, to build trust, credibility and future interactions.

Performance Feedback and Performance Communication

An invaluable workshop that offers a range of skills and proven approaches for delivering both affirming and constructive feedback throughout all aspects of our professional and personal lives. Includes feedback from supervisor to team member as well as feedback upwards from staff to managers and team leaders.

  • Cross Cultural Communication and Interaction
  • Working with and Utilising Diversity (gender, generation, education, profession)

In the context of these workshops ‘culture’ is being used in its broadest possible context. No-one is like us, we are unique and therefore we will never meet anyone else who communicates or understands in the same way we do. This workshop looks at ways to better understand and therefore better utilise diversity across all our interactions.

360 Degree Influence

People so often have fantastic ideas but don’t escalate them because they are unsure of how to ensure they will be heard. This workshop provides frameworks of influence to build confidence to get those ideas heard!

Knowing Me/Knowing You (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to support increased self-awareness and improved interaction).

An innovative and highly successful approach to personality profiling and understanding. This is definitely an ‘out of the box’ program!