Suddenly Single

Discovering the Joys of Being Single in Mid Life (and managing the lows and fears – we all have them)

Not many of us planned to be single in mid-life and if we didn’t then finding ourselves there can be very difficult, very painful and very frightening.

Joan has two highly successful approaches for helping you come to terms with, and enjoy, your single status. Together we develop positive plans for your future.  Maybe, you might even decide to  venture into the world of dating (when and if you are ready).

If you believe a workshop approach could be helpful then you might want to look up the Relaxation Centre web site (  Joan offers regular programs through the Relaxation Centre at Alderley and her morning session as part of the Single and Over 40 workshop has proven very helpful for many people wanting to find ways to successfully adjust and move on with life (and you will also see that Rachel Collis presents a session in the afternoon about dating strategies in mid-life so if you are ready for that you might want to give yourself the gift of the whole day).

Your browser may not support display of this image. Additionally, Joan has now developed a comprehensive coaching package that is helping single people discover what they want out of life and how they can embark on their new adventures and experiences.  The coaching package is completely customised for each individual and can include things like:

  • Making the psychological adjustment to being single
  • Finding the ‘real’ you in the wreckage – who do you want to be?
  • Establishing new single social networks
  • Embarking on new dreams and ambitions
  • Managing finances
  • Interacting with your ex partner productively
  • Your browser may not support display of this image. Dealing with the melt downs – having strategies ready for those impossible moments
  • Being the ‘odd one out’,  staying close to partnered friends without feeling like an ‘add on’
  • Creating yourself in your own image, being someone you are proud of
  • Dating again, or maybe for the first time
  • Maintaining your sense of self in new relationships (social and romantic)