About JwJ Consulting

Who are we: 

JwJ Consulting is a specialist Brisbane (Australia) based consultancy focusing on the power and importance of people in successful business and enjoyable lifestyles.

Offering a range of services including seminar presentations, design, development and delivery of workshop processes, workplace intervention and individual coaching, all products and services are fully customised and seeped in recognised traditional and contemporary theory. 

Our unique approach successfully blends the demands of busy organisations with the needs of individuals.  In industry, people are our only appreciating asset.  JwJ Consulting works with this vital backbone ingredient of your organisation, providing practical ideas and solutions for happier, healthier more productive workplaces (and lives).


Individual coaching is often a very valuable approach to specific situations.  JwJ Consulting offers a range of professional coaching options, all tailored to suit the learning needs and time demands of the individual.  Coaching may be offered as a one off appointment or as an on-going process.

Through the establishment of clear goals from the onset, both the client and the coach are able to track progress and note positive change.  This ensures on-going motivation and commitment to the process and supports positive change to start immediately.

To date, her coaching work has all be derived via word of mouth referrals or follow up contact following initial attendance on a workshop.  In short, Joan’s clients find her work so valuable they really do tell all their friends!

Contact us for coaching in the following areas:

Performance Support (Management) Coaching

Many managers are fearful of undertaking performance management processes or providing constructive feedback.  There are many pitfalls to be mindful of when approaching this very sensitive task. However, a manager who isn’t effectively supporting and managing the performance of their team (collectively and individually) is failing in their responsibility.  This is an imperative aspect of ‘good management’ and, when done well, benefits all staff members.

New Manager and/or New Team

The transition into a new team as manager provides a host of opportunities and also some difficult challenges.  Joan’s ‘transition’ coaching can incorporate the whole team or just work singularly with the manager.  When transitions are well set up teams become effective much more rapidly and managers are able to develop stronger levels of confidence and professionalism.  Leaving the establishment of a productive team framework to chance can be costly and very frustrating.

Work/Life Balance Coaching

The incidence of burn out and stress are rapidly reaching epidemic proportions in our workplaces and society in general.  Joan’s work with individuals around managing stress levels, recognising and dealing with symptoms and building sustainable correction and prevention strategies is well received by all her clients.  Merging a range of approaches and methodologies, Joan is able to tailor the approach to the client, her frameworks stem from both mainstream and holistic modalities.

Career Development and Job Interview Skills

Joan’s experience working in this field is vast and highly successful.  Her clients comment on their ability to manage even the most challenging of interviews confidently as a result of working on strategies and approaches with her.  Tailored to suit different personalities, experience levels and job types, Joan is well equipped to guide clients through the maze of ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’ and right into ‘here I am, this is why I would be a good employee for you’.  The majority of Joan’s clients go on to discover and win their dream jobs.