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Communication is what holds relationships together. The need for compassionate honesty in relationships is paramount to trust and credibility.... Read more about Communication Programs
Joan teams up with a practicing psychologist for this inspiring, helpful program designed to support managers in the challenging task of managing performance and underperformance where mental health issues are suspected or known about... Read more about Supporting Staff with Mental Health Issues
With the right approach, preparation and mindset the sky really is the limit and this absolutely applies to our career as well as our lives...Read more about Career Development Programs
In a world where nothing is static and change is constant and unrelenting, the capacity to support, lead and guide people through change is paramount to successful business.  Read more about Change Management

Career Development Programs

With the right approach, preparation and mindset the sky really is the limit and this absolutely applies to our career as well as our lives.

Joan has years of experience in selection and promotion processes and is able to provide participants with acknowledged and logical approaches to ensure that their applications/CV’s and approach to interview is first rate and highly competitive.

Conscious Careers (Career Planning)

Before we can create a career we need to understand what sort of career we want. Joan’s approach to career planning is not only unique and successful it is easily transported to life planning as well. After all, careers should support our lives, it’s the life plans that really come first.

Awesome Applications and ‘Cracker’ CV’s

For many people completing the written component of the process provides endless challenges. ‘What do I write’ they cry, ‘what does the panel look for’ they beseech, ‘how can I sound fabulous without sounding vain’ they enquire. This workshop answers all those questions and more and provides a practical pathway to ensure an ‘awesome application’ and a ‘cracker CV’ each time.

Blitzing the Interview

Interview skills are absolutely able to be learnt, honed and perfected. From practical preparation to anticipating the questions to managing those nerves. Irrespective of personality, experience, confidence or self assurance, you too can ‘Blitz the Interview’. p.s. Many previous participants of this workshop have commented that the skills learnt here held them in just as good stead for ‘blitzing life’ – that has to be a fantastic bonus don’t you think?

Selecting the Best Person for the Job (insights and assistance for selection committees)

The biggest and most important decision an organisation makes is who to recruit and promote. It is therefore imperative that selection committees know what they are doing. This program looks at the whole range of requirements committee members needs to be aware of and comfortable with to ensure they recruit and select the best person for the job. To not do so can be catastrophic!

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