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Communication is what holds relationships together. The need for compassionate honesty in relationships is paramount to trust and credibility.... Read more about Communication Programs
Joan teams up with a practicing psychologist for this inspiring, helpful program designed to support managers in the challenging task of managing performance and underperformance where mental health issues are suspected or known about... Read more about Supporting Staff with Mental Health Issues
With the right approach, preparation and mindset the sky really is the limit and this absolutely applies to our career as well as our lives...Read more about Career Development Programs
In a world where nothing is static and change is constant and unrelenting, the capacity to support, lead and guide people through change is paramount to successful business.  Read more about Change Management

Joan Wilson-Jones from JwJ Consulting


JwJ Consulting is a specialist Brisbane (Australia) based consultancy focusing on the power and importance of people in successful business and enjoyable lifestyles.

Offering a range of services including seminar presentations, design, development and delivery of workshop processes, workplace intervention and individual coaching, all products and services are fully customised and seeped in recognised traditional and contemporary theory. 

Our unique approach successfully blends the demands of busy organisations with the needs of individuals.  In industry, people are our only appreciating asset.  JwJ Consulting works with this vital backbone ingredient of your organisation, providing practical ideas and solutions for happier, healthier more productive workplaces (and lives).

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JwJ Consulting

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